'Connecting Society' Sept 22nd 2017 - Presentations & Resources (inc. Tackling poverty & understanding values)

On Sept 22nd 2017, Business in the Community hosted a cross-campaign event exploring the gaps between business, government, and our communities which were laid bare by the referendum. Business Connectors from across England and Scotland contributed to the day, sharing what they were seeing on the frontline of some of our most disadvantaged areas. The event was held at Nuffield Hall (RCOG) in central London.’

See attached speaker presentations and links to resources below:

Presentation one (attached) -  'A Britain that works for all' - Causes, consequences and steps to tackle poverty. Presentation by Katie Schmuecker, Head of Policy at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an independent organisation working to inspire social change through research, policy and practice.

Also see links below for the following Joseph Rowntree Foundation Reports

Presentation two (attached)  'Consciously creating the future', looks at how values & culture influence the success of organisations. Phil Clothier, Barrett Values  www.valuescentre.com

Also see links to further Berrett Values Centre resources & tools below

  • UK National & Community Values Assessment results and report
  • Personal Values Assessment  - Freely available for everyone to explore what is most important, it takes a few minutes and results sent by email soon after.  (Please try this yourself so you know how it works)
  • Get Connected  - A Practical Guide to Grow a Desired Team Culture. Simple tools, workshops and exercises for leaders to connect with their people, and get over the rocky moments.  Book free to download.