Receiving email notifications

Like many websites BITC Connect will periodically send emails notifying you of changes to the website. Many of these notifications will be automatically sent based on a set of Subscriptions associated with your user account. 

Subscriptions tell BITC Connect which changes should receive email notifications and how frequently. You are automatically subscribed to changes by joining groups, contributing new Posts or Resources, or commenting on Posts. 

  • You can change your default subscription preferences by editing your Account settings.
  • You can add, change or delete existing subscriptions by visiting your account Notifications

These options can be found by clicking the cog-wheel at the top right of the screen, next to your user name.

There are two main types of notification email, immediate or digest emails. 

  • Immediate notifications are sent shortly after the update and will only notify you about a single change
  • Digest notifications batch up changes and send updates on a regular basis

The latter option tends to be favoured as it allows users to avoid receiving many emails if a number of changes have been made. The default setting for BITC users is the digest notification option with a frequency of daily. This means that a single email would be sent including all the changes that had occurred in the last day, if no changes had been made, then no email would be sent. 

Example email notification: