Linking to external content

You may find problems linking to external websites in the Activity Wall due to the limit of 140 characters allowed on Activity Wall posts. External website links (URLs) can often be quite long, and may take you over the 140 character limit. 

When you enter text into the box, or paste anything in, the figure changes to let you know how many characters remain. If you go over the limit figure becomes highlighted in red and shows a negative amount:
At this point the Share button will refuse to accept the post. 
One way to mitigate this is to use a URL shortening service like or These will convert a long URL (e.g. into something much shorter (e.g.
If you would like to post more than 140 characters, you can create a new Post instead
You have free reign in Posts, and once created a link to it will appear on your Activity Wall, for example:
Posts provide you with formatting options, you can even convert text to links (like this)  rather than have an ugly URL in your document. You do this by typing the text, highlighting it, then clicking the link button in the toolbar: