Access Permissions

Private Groups

When creating a new Connection or Organisation you will see the option to mark the home page as ‘Private’. Selecting this option will mean that only the members of the group will be able to access it. Non-members will receive an ‘Access Denied’ message. 
The default setting is for the group to be public, this means its ‘About’ details on the home page can be seen by anyone visiting BITC Connect. 
Creating Posts and Resources
Posts and Resources are great ways to share information on BITC Connect, however, we understand how important it is to have control over the access that others may have to the content. 
All Posts and Resources require that you set the "Privacy" when they are created, this option provides you with three levels of control over the access to the content. 
Posts and Resources can be created within the Business Connector, Connection, Organisation or Support Group homepages. Each of these home pages has its own set of members, some of which are assigned a special "manager" role. When you create a home page you are automatically assigned the manager role. 
Therefore the settings shown above can be used to control the accessibility of Posts or Resources to BITC Users:
  • Private - only the homepage managers will be able to access the content
  • Member - only members of the homepage will be able to access the content
  • Public - all people accessing BITC Connect will be able to access the content, this includes other Internet users even if they do not have a BITC Connect user ID. It is important to remember that search engines, such as Google, or Bing, will be able to access these pages, and so you might expect to see pages appear in searches if marked as Public.