October Release Notes

The October Release is the culmination in a programme of incremental changes to deliver key services to Business Connectors and Business in the Community.

What to find in the October release:

  • New home page helping users discover your stories, updates and events
  • Improved searches for Business Connectors, Connections and Organisations
  • Improved Contacts list for Business Connectors

New BITC Connect Homepage

We’ve created a new homepage for users to make it easier to discover interesting stories and promote the work of the Business Connectors.

After logging in you will automatically be directed to this page (unless following a specific link from an email or other source). To return to your user profile page, click the new profile icon found in the top menu, highlighted below:

The page is also visible to external visitors of the site and can be shared as a link on social media sites or emails.

The screen is divided into six sections:

  • Featured - the latest posts featured by BITC. BITC administrators can view all new public posts and decide to feature the best ones in this section.
  • Map - a Google map displaying all Business Connectors, Organisations and Connections that have their location information recorded. This is similar to the map located at the bottom of most home pages.
  • News & Info - new public posts from BITC or the Help and Support group.
  • Latest - the latest public posts contributed by Connect users.
  • Events - all future calendar events marked as public
  • Share your stories - links to your main groups, your Business Connector home page and others where you can post new stories.

How to get Posts to appear

All Posts now have a Privacy option, this replaces the old Private, & Public options used previously. The new Privacy option makes it much simpler to set the visibility of your Posts and Resources.

Privacy has three settings:

  • Private - only accessible to group Managers
  • Member - only accessible to group Members
  • Public - accessible to all users, even without a login.

In order for new Posts to appear on the new homepage they must be marked as Public.

Improved searches for Business Connectors

You may have noticed that we now have a link to Business Connectors listed in the top toolbar, this is to help new visitors to find their local Business Connectors more quickly.

In addition, the presentation of Business Connector home pages, and other groups such as Organisations and Connections, has been improved to show more information before clicking through to see the group profile screen.

The change displays the group’s picture along with its title and description, but also shows the pictures of the group managers (limited to the first six). The change means that the Business Connectors can use an alternative image for their Business Connector home page, as their profile image will always be displayed alongside.

The view is also applied to Connections, Organisations and Support groups.

Finally, the list is now presented alphabetically, rather than by date of creation.

Improved Contacts list

Following feedback from users we’ve added some improvements to your Contacts list. The list now includes a search option to help you find your contacts more easily, and you will also find that the list is now sorted alphabetically.

To use the search, enter a term and click the Apply button.

To clear the search, click the ‘All’ link from the list.

Note: in order for the search to work best the system needs to have indexed your contacts, this can take up to an hour and so new contacts may not always be returned in your search results. 

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will.popham's picture

Loving the new site!

Congratulations Rob and Ed - think the new BITCConnect looks great! Well done!

EdSeymour's picture

Thanks Will!

Yes, I'm really happy with this change, and pleased to see that Connectors are already posting updates and stories. But we're not finished yet, more great things are coming soon!



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