November Release

The November Release is part of the ongoing continuous improvement programme delivering key services to Business Connectors and Business in the Community. 

What to find in the November release:
  • Updates to the look and feel
  • Bug fixes
Look and Feel Changes
The release includes a number of minor changes to presentation and menus
  • The top tool menu is slightly smaller to emphasise the site’s content. 
  • The link to My Responsibilities has been retired
  • The large map appearing at the bottom of homepages now includes a legend
Removal of “My Responsibilities” link
To access the list of homepages, visit your personal profile and select items appearing in the right side-bar. 
Map Legend
When visiting homepages you should now see that the large map at the bottom includes a legend and a slightly improved look. 
Bug Fixes
The update includes a number of bug fixes:
  • The system takes a long time to log in a user - fixed
  • Location information is not correctly applied - fixed
  • Problem with Business Connector contacts’ index - fixed
  • Issues with creation associations between homepages - fixed
  • Typo on portal for non-logged in users - fixed
  • Cannot search for Business Connectors without entering a postcode - fixed
  • Look and feel issues searching for Business Connectors if not logged in - fixed
  • Selecting “more” for “My Connections” returned incorrect view - fixed
  • Spell-checker now available in large edit fields - see Using the Built-in Spell Checker
  • User handles were incorrectly reported for some users - fixed

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