June 2013 Release

The June 2013 Release is part of the ongoing continuous improvement programme delivering key services to Business Connectors and Business in the Community.

What to find in this release:
  • Updates to the look and feel (theme)
  • Case Studies
  • Connect with a Connector
  • Bug fixes

Look and Feel

Part of the change to the look and feel of the service is a cleanup of the menus and menubars. This means some of the old menubar functions e.g. 'home' and 'person' buttons have moved to other parts of the header area. Here's a diagram of where the old functions can now be found.
Everyone, including all internet users, see the same homepage when they go to http://www.bitcconnect.org. This is similar to the old 'portal' page which was accessed from the 'home' symbol. You can return to this page by clicking on the BITC Connect logo in the top right of the screen. The content is now on 'tabs' at the bottom of the screen. The new item is 'Case Studies'. We'll see how to create those later but this tab shows only those which have been selected for publication.
Login using the 'Login' button at the top right of the screen.
The redesigned User Profile page is the first page you'll see after logging in. This gives details of you as an individual.
To change these details click on the cog at the top right and select 'Account Settings'.
Your connections are on the 'Connections' tab. The 'Active Connections' tab is only visible to Business Connectors. It shows Connections that either do not have a Connection Measurement report or the report is marked as 'incomplete'. This feature is to allow you to track which Connections require further attention when doing your connection measurements. Therefore, it is important that you check you have completed the report and the suppliers and providers before you set the report to 'complete'.
To go to your Business Connector profile click on the area name under the Business Connector heading on the right.
The Business Connector page is now a combination of your personal details and information about your area.
The Business Connector page can also display a Twitter feed. Enter your Twitter account name into group details for this area. If you don't have a Twitter account you can use the @BITC1 account or leave blank.
This is the page to add and manage your Contacts. 
Select the Contacts tab and use the Create or Export actions. If the list of actions including 'Export' is not visible click on the cog.
Connect with a Connector / Connect Requests
This release makes it easier for the public to contact you. If someone completes the 'Connect with a Connector' form you'll see their enquiry in the 'Connect requests' tab (last one in the second row above).
In this release you can only view the requests. The July release will include functions to manage requests e.g. to mark requests as 'done'.
You will receive an email if someone leaves you a request. To see your requests go to this page and click on the Connect Requests tab.
Connections and Case Studies
This release allows you to create Case Studies for your Connections. A case study is a formatted report of a Connection which can be used to promote the programme. It contains a description of the Connection and quotes from stakeholders. Case Studies will be selected for publication by the programme team.
To add a Case Study go to a Connection. You can do this from tabs on your personal profile page or the connector group page or from the cog next to your user name in the top right corner.
From the Connection screen select 'Creat a case study' from the list of actions on the right. If you cannot see this list click on the 'cog'.
Complete the form and press 'Save'. Your Co-ordinator will give you advice on content.
User Guide
The latest user guide is here.

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