Getting Started

To get started we suggested writing "Stories" of your work as a Business Connector. The best place for these are within your Business Connector group - you find this by clicking the 'My Responsibilities' button (next to home). This will list all the organisations, and projects that you are currently managing, but it will also show you your Business Connector group. Or you can click on the Business Connector from the 'Your Actions' section on the right of your home page.

Once you're on your Business Connector group, e.g. "WorcesterBusinessConnector", you (and only you) can enter status messages. These are throwaway notifications of what you've been up to. Nothing too serious, but useful in keeping everyone up to date and informed. 

To write up a new "Story" click on the "Posts" tab, and then "create new post". You get a form to enter a title and description. For a good example of what you can do, take a look at one of Will's posts.

Now, you may want to dip in and out of BITC Connect and not write a story all in one go. But you would probably prefer to not make it public until you've finished the final edits. This is where the 'Private' option comes in handy. While you draft the new article you can save with the 'Private' option set, and only you will be able to read it. When you're ready to publish, you can switch off private and re-save (there is also a 'Public' tick box at the bottom which will mean that anyone visiting BITC Connect can see it too). For more information take a look at Controlling Access and Workflow.

If you have a Twitter account, Facebook, or even Google+, you can click one of the 'Share' buttons at the bottom of the screen to post a link of this page to either of these sites (you need an account on these sites). This is a good way to drive people in from outside to hear about your messages. 

1) Find your Business Connector group

2) If you chose 'My Responsibilities'  there may be more than one item. Scroll down the list to find your Business Connector, and click to select.

3) Click the 'tab' marked Posts, then click create post or select an already created one from the list. 

4) New posts require you to provide them with a title and description. Use the Private and Lock options as described in Controlling Access and Workflow. Add pictures, see including pictures in your posts