Controlling Access and Workflow
  • Mark as Private. You can mark Posts and Resources as private. Items that are marked in this way are only accessible to group or site administrators. We find the feature is useful for allowing users have more control over how information is shared, for example allowing the posting of private diaries, blogs or contact information. However, it is also useful in supporting workflows where you would like to spend time working on a post across multiple sessions; you can now save as private, and come back to the work to complete at another time, before removing the private flag to publish. Indeed, this post used this feature, allowing me to work on its content across a number of days and on different computers. 

    For more information see Access Permissions.

  • Lock Post. The Lock feature allows you to freeze a Post topic and prevent any further comments. It provides adminstrators with more control over posts, or blogs, allowing them to ring-fence a post.