May Release Notes

The May release is the start of an incremental upgrade programme that will continue over the next few months. It includes a number of changes aimed at improving comprehension and adoption of BITC Connect features. 

The release includes a number of changes to the presentation of BITC Connect, including:
  • The landing page for new users
  • Login, Logout and other housekeeping
  • User profiles
  • Business Connector, Organisation and Project home pages
The BITC Connect home page
The BITC Connect home page is the first port of call for new visitors. Over the next few months we are planning changes to make this screen more dynamic and reactive to the interesting and compelling news and stories from the BITC Connect community. 
The update in the May release includes some updated images, quotes from seconding businesses and Business Connectors and better directions for people interested in getting involved with the Business Connector programme. 
Logging in
There are two BITC Connect menus: the top ‘tools’ menu, and the primary ‘content’ menu. The Login link has been moved from the content menu to the more appropriate ‘tools’ menu and can be found at the far right. 
Previously BITC Connect would remember that you’d logged in for a number of weeks, even if you restarted your computer. Whilst this is useful when using a private computer, it is not very good in shared environments, such as an Internet cafĂ©. Therefore, we’ve made this optional. 
If you tick the ‘Remember me’ box, BITC Connect will remember that you’ve logged in, even if you reboot your computer – just as before. However, this is no longer the default option, so if you do nothing and do not check the box, your session on BITC Connect will be closed when you close your browser and subsequent visits will require you to logon once more. 
Once logged in, house-keeping tasks such as editing your account details, reviewing notification settings, and logging out are accessed by clicking the ‘settings’ button that can be found to the right of your name in the tools menu.
  • Account settings – change your email address, password and other personal details recorded on BITC Connect.
  • Notifications – check and change email subscriptions and notification options.
  • Your invitations – track the progress of people you’ve invited to join BITC Connect
  • Privacy Policy – review the BITC Connect privacy policy
  • Log out – sign out of BITC Connect
User Profiles
After logging in you are taken to your user profile. Your profile reflects your personal presence on BITC Connect. We’ve made a number of improvements to the layout and presentation of users:
  • Tidied and some re-labeling of the tabbed display, further changes are planned in future updates. 
  • Business Connectors get a special badge
  • Quick links to Business Connector and Organisation home pages

Business Connector, Organisation and Project home pages
An important aspect of BITC Connect is the Home Pages which provide a way to represent Organisations, Projects, and individual Business Connector assignments. The Home Pages provide a touch point for users wishing to seek out information or connect with the individuals, organisation, or an endeavour. 
Each Home Page has at least one manager to maintain it and its members. 
The layout of all Home Pages has been improved with the home page tabs re-labelled and tidied:
  • Discussions have been re-labelled as ‘Posts’, reflecting the intention to broaden their use throughout BITC Connect. 
  • Pages have been re-labelled as ‘Resources’ to better denote their purpose as a location to collect and store useful information. Note: it is important that personal data such as email addresses and mobile phone numbers is protected by being recorded as “private” – all new Resources are automatically set as private by default.  
In addition to the re-labelled tabs, a number of other changes have been made:
  • Re-labelled and simplified the administrative Actions menu
  • Simplified the calendar, and made the ‘Create event’ action easier to find
  • Improved the ‘Join’ button labels to reflect current membership status
  • Improved the list of members
  • Increased the size of the map
  • Improved the presentation of posts 
  • Improved the presentation of resources

Membership display

Your membership is now clearly displayed in the Home Page title bar. 

If you are not a member, and the group is accepting new members, you will be presented with a Join option. 

The Actions menu
The Actions menu is available to Managers. It has been simplified to include the following options:
  • Manage associations – management of associations between this Home Page and other Projects and Organisations
  • Manage members – manage the current member list, add and invite new people to join the Home Page. 
  • Send message to all members – send an email message to all members of the Home Page.
  • Manager – the primary manager of the Home Page

The description

The Home Page description is now truncated to save space on the screen, to view the entire description click the ‘Read more’ link at the bottom.

The list of recent posts has been improved to display a short preview of each post’s content
The list of resources can be filtered by the starting letter of the resource’s subject, similar to a card-file. 
The calendar
The calendar has been updated to provide a better view of upcoming events. The calendar items are listed in date order so that it is much easier to find upcoming events, particularly if they do not fall within the same current month. 
The map
The map has been expanded to occupy the full width of the display at the bottom of the Home Page.


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