Internet Explorer and popup messages

When using some browsers, notably Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may find that some pages in BITC Connect are interupted by a question from the browser. The system will tell you that the page includes secure and non-secure items, and would you like to see the non-secure items. You can choose Yes or No. 


The problem occurs when we add pictures to a Discussion or Page that are sourced from another website and the image address, its URL, is not 'secure'. This means that the image data is not encrypted when it is transmitted from the server to your machine.


All of the information that comes from the BITC Connect system is encrypted - we felt that it was important to ensure that your messages and interactions could not be intercepted - at least during the initial phases of the project. That's why for most pages you see a green padlock or other 'secure' logo near the website address in the browser. 

However, when we link in content from external sources directly, the browser lets you know that you're seeing a mixture of secure and non-secure items, hence the warning and for some browsers a decision to show or hide content as required. There is no risk to you or your data in allowing the browser to display secure and non-secure items - so please do not worry.

The workaround is to upload the pictures to BITC Connect. When creating a Discussion or Page you can attach documents to the page. Once you've done this, you can use the web address of the attachment (if it's a picture) when inserting pictures in documents. The attachments and the inline image do not need to be in the same Discussion or Page - so, for example, you could create a page called 'My Pictures' and use this for all of your pictures. 


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