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The value of Business Connectors

1 year 17 weeks ago I end this week with a little blog which comes at the end of a mixed week.  We began the week with the terrible incident in Manchester in which 22 people sadly lost their lives and yet, one which has done so much to foster a greater sense of...
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Exeter Charity looking to engage with Exeter Business?

1 year 20 weeks ago I have advised many local charities on engagement with the Business Sector - aiming to form some valuable partnerships for them along the way! If you would like to meet and discuss your organisations readiness to engage with business then I...
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Exeter Family Court Clinic opening soon! Pro Bono support from Family Solicitors sought !

1 year 20 weeks ago   A clinic at Exeter Combined Court, Southernhay, EX1 1UH has been created to provide limited free support to Litigants in Person and they are looking for volunteers to help with this new initiative.  Opening in May, the clinic...


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